Buying Android Apps

  QuizMan 16:29 14 Apr 2012

I am a newcomer to Android on a Samsung Galaxy Ace and want to install a paid for App. I have successfully installed free apps without a problem but there is one that I wish to pay for.

When I try to do so I get an error message saying "Sorry purchasing is not available for this account". I have a Google gmail account and am logged into it. What else do I need to do please?

  morddwyd 19:20 14 Apr 2012

I think you have to set up a Google Checkout account (like PayPal) from within your Google (mail) account.

Once it's up and running it's very simple.

  QuizMan 19:35 14 Apr 2012

morddwyd - many thanks. At the moment I cannot find a Google Checkout screen. I have Google Wallet with a debit card set up for payment which I thought should be enough.

I am beginning to wonder if it is because I have 2 g-mail accounts set up on my phone, one is ordinary gmail, the other is which operates through gmail. I want to delete the latter and set it up as pop e-mail instead because that may be causing confusion, but the phone is not letting me do that. I may have to resort to a factory reset and start again. That's not a major issue because it is only a couple of weeks old and so there is not much to restore manually.

  morddwyd 20:57 14 Apr 2012

Google Checkout is supposed to be part of Google Wallet, which as you say should be enough.

  QuizMan 22:34 14 Apr 2012

morddwyd, thanks again for your input.

I carried out a reset and now have 1 gmail account and a POP email. That seems to have done the trick and I can now purchase away to my hearts content.

  morddwyd 09:47 15 Apr 2012

Don't go too mad!

  tonymqqq 10:58 17 Apr 2012

Maybe you should get another email address to continue. I can run all my phone apps on my android tablet pcfrom ESPOW,China. So it takes up full screen which is fine since there is a button which shows the most recent apps so its very easy to switch apps running in the background. I think Flash is still very important in the tablet form factor since web browsing is the most important thing u do with tablets and u wont get a full experience not having flash.

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