built in freeview tv

  adamagain 00:30 05 Dec 2008

Just been given a digital TV with built in free view
When i turn it on it goes automatically to the free view service.
I need to know how do you change to the normal channels and if its from another area will it need the free view re tuning or is free view on a set frequency wherever you are in the uk.


  MCE2K5 02:20 05 Dec 2008

See if there is a Manual for the TV in click here

  Pamy 09:30 05 Dec 2008

It may only have a digital tuner,so you can only have freeview ask yhe person that gace it to you

  Pamy 09:31 05 Dec 2008

ask yhe person that gace it to you = ask the person that gave it to you

  Computerdope 19:49 05 Dec 2008

sorry if this doesnt sound right, but arnt bbc/itv/chan4/five on the freeview selection.
our tellies have both, though we usualy use freeview for the better quality.

  adamagain 23:44 05 Dec 2008

Thanks for the answers.
I think it has both normal and freeview tuners.
Also the other thing I needed to know is if the TV is from another area would the freeview channel need re-tuning or is it as I think the same all over the country anyway.


  MCE2K5 01:32 06 Dec 2008

Have you plugged it in and tried it ?

  laurie53 07:27 06 Dec 2008

"I need to know how do you change to the normal channels "

Can I ask why?

I assume by "normal" channels you mean analogue channels, soon to disappear for ever, but all of the analogue channels are on Freeview anyway.

It probably will need retuning, but this is normally automatic, and takes about 3 minutes.

  adamagain 00:34 07 Dec 2008


Hi What i mean is the tv goes automatically to the freeview stations when you turn it on
I wanted to know how to change to the analogue channels from freeview.
And do i have to re scan for the freeview channels if say it was tuned in at manchester and now its in london etc or is freeview the same everywhere.


  BRYNIT 01:10 07 Dec 2008

Sometimes the TV will have to be re tuned for it to receive the TV signals from a different area. Without knowing the make and model of the TV it would be difficult to advise how re tune or how to switch between analogue/digital channels.

  oresome 13:24 07 Dec 2008

Both analogue and digital channels will have to be retuned if the TV is moved away from the original broadcasting area.

Analogue reception sometimes requires the aerial lead to be plugged into a different socket. Digital/Analogue reception will then be chosen from within the TV setup menu.

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