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BT YouView Box problems where the box won't load

  To_BT_or_not_to BT 14:34 11 Jan 2020

Is anyone else having consistent problems with their BT YouView box? I have had a number of problems (e.g. box failing to switch on and also failing to do a hard reboot). This often occurs after many weeks of use (but less than a year), so the hard disk contains many recordings. BT just say we'll have to replace your box. Of course this means you lose all your recordings but they won't compensate you for this. This is their 'get-out' clause in their T&Cs:

"We are not responsible for the loss of any content previously recorded or scheduled recordings you may have set up, if: you have your Set Top Box repaired at any time; we require you to return your Set Top Box for a replacement; we upgrade or replace all or some of the software on your Set Top Box at any time even if this agreement for the Box service ends; or recordings are automatically deleted to either free up space on your set top box or because the recordings have been on your set top box for a considerable period of time." This seems like a cop-out as you have paid to be able to watch your recordings. Any help gratefully received.

  wee eddie 15:12 11 Jan 2020

Pretty standard stuff. Most equipment, with an internal Hard Drive, have such clauses.

Unfortunately, it's up to you to backup your stuff

  Forum Editor 16:04 11 Jan 2020

"This seems like a cop-out"

But you agreed to it when you entered into the contract - it is made perfectly clear in the contract terms that BT is not liable to you:-

"We are not responsible for the loss of any content previously recorded or scheduled recordings you may have set up" Seems pretty clear to me. As for making any sort of backup of your recordings...

Government advice is that making a recording of a broadcast for purposes other than to time-shift a programme for you or your family is likely to constitute a breach of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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