LANDCRUISER 12:25 03 Mar 2009

im in the process of buying a brother all in one printer DCP 6690CW it will print up to A3 size & was wondering if anyone here has any thought on this printer & will it work with my nikon d300 camera as you can see im a keen photograph & want to have good reprints

  LANDCRUISER 14:21 04 Mar 2009

thanks jack did not know pc advisor had done a reveiw,just waiting for it to arrive from QVC then i have 30days to test it out & if i do not like it i can send it back with a full refund

  LANDCRUISER 19:48 09 Mar 2009

hi all,im more concerned to the quality of the reproduction of photos that is being printed,does anyone use this model for photograph reprinting & what do you think about the quality of prints?

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