Broken photo Images

  awest3 18:10 12 Feb 2008

I had a PC problem and had to recover my system using the Install windows too difficult..however I then decided to tidy up so that I could take a full backup. Yep you've guessed it, I deleted from my live folder instead of from the backup copies on my external HDD...not too much of a problem I thought, just get them back from the recycle bin. that seemed to work ok but I now have lots of broken images which I cannot open..again not a major problem as I have backups of 95%..however the 5% I do not have I would like to try to recover (latest Grandchildren shots) there a program out there which will go through a photo library and fix the broken images..? I also seem to have a problem with Picasa2 which I use to do basic adjustments..its seems to have put some photos in the wrong folders and I get 2 copies of the folders shoing in Picasa2....

"Life it just gets beteerer and betterer"

As ever, any help gratefully received

  ventanas 22:26 12 Feb 2008
  De Marcus™ 22:50 12 Feb 2008

It's unlikely you'll recover damaged photos with the above programs which are generally used for recovering files from damaged memory cards. I suspect (please tell me if im wrong) that your photos are actually quite fine apart from the odd bit here and there which would seem to streak across a photo or appear as a small to large block in the middle of one? Is this the case?

  awest3 09:31 14 Feb 2008

Hi De Marcus,
Sorry to be slow in replying to snowned under with work...

some photos do not show at all...just get 'preview image not available' others are as you say, can see the top but not the bottom. Its a lttle strange as when I first start up Picasa2 it shows the whole photo then half disappears..


  awest3 17:23 18 Feb 2008

I now find that some of the images have different file names to those actually given...not sure what can cause that...any ideas...I still have the broken files, half pictures etc....can't see a way to fix them....most fixes only apply to mem cards rathyer than Hard Drives...

  awest3 17:59 22 Feb 2008

Looks like I have no way back on these, I've tried all the solutions and software mentioned to no avail...lost about 5% of my latest photos..the rest I can recover from backups...

Live and learn take backups on a weekly basis.!

Thanks to all for your help and suggestions.


  De Marcus™ 22:00 22 Feb 2008

If the photos aren't of a personal nature I'd be willing to have a look to see if any are recoverable by means of 'photoshopping.'

  awest3 09:54 23 Feb 2008

Hi De Marcus,

Thanks for your offer, I'm still recovering from Backups and Camera cards at the moment.I think I will be about 98% there when I've finished (I found I'd taken a backup a lot later than I'd thought). Plus my son and daughter have some copies on their machines...when I've done all this I'll see what I need to recover and perhaps take you up on your kind offer to assist. Nothing too personal..mostly grandkids and luckily it seems that the photos I took at the birthday party a few weeks ago are unaffected.


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