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Bluetooth - What proportion here keep it turned on

  wee eddie 11:37 03 May 2020

When I was driving the Taxi, I had Bluetooth turned on all the time, but then, the phone was plugged in to the Taxi's power supply. I needed it to operate the headset/external speaker.

However, nowadays Bluetooth never gets turned on, because it reduces the battery life tremendously.

All I have read about the COVID-19 Contact Apps suggest, to me, that I will need Bluetooth turned on, whenever I'm out and about.

Yes or No?

And what do we think?

  Gordon Freeman 13:10 03 May 2020

I just switch it on as required - Bluetooth ear-buds when listening to music (when gardening or walking), or when driving a fair distance in the car & want to receive/make calls. Other than that it's switched off.

  Menzie 15:06 03 May 2020

I don't keep mine on, my phone uses the GPS system and my habits to automatically decide when to use stuff. After almost a year it pretty much has me figured out.

All without me touching it, it turns on the Bluetooth automatically when I get to the car and connects to the stereo.

It also turns on the wi-fi a few seconds after I get through the door.

When at work it sets itself to vibrate, when I leave the building to go home it starts to ring again.

When at home and I sit in front of my PC or home theatre it also turns on the Bluetooth because it assumes I want to transfer files or stream music.

  john bunyan 18:28 03 May 2020


Did you programme your phone to do that or is it automatic? Is it a special make? My iPhone is either on or off for wi fi or bluetooth.

  Old Deuteronomy 18:41 03 May 2020

I have no need for Bluetooth, so it is off at all times.

  Menzie 19:00 03 May 2020

I have a Google Pixel 3a; some of the things I programmed. Others the phone just did automatically or asked me after it figured some things out.

For turning the Bluetooth on in the car this is an Android Auto setting where the phone detects being in the car after travelling at a certain speed. It was enabled by default after going into the Android Auto settings.

For turning on the wi-fi when home one day it asked me if this is the home location I guess due to it detecting itself being there a lot of the time. Once I said it was home it then started doing the automatic connection to my wi-fi, PC and home theatre.

One day when I got to work it then asked me if this was my workplace. Once I selected yes it then recommended that it go on vibrate and has done so ever since. It also just before home time, alerts me if there is any traffic in the area and suggest I take another way home.

The call screening at night was setup by me, at one point in time I was getting spam calls at night. The Pixel is quite good at filtering such calls but I did my own filter so at bedtime it doesn't ring unless called by select contacts (my mother, sister or various family members).

It can be worrying how much data there is on you. Every month I get a report which tells me where I've been, what regular haunts and new places I've visited. How many miles I've travelled, what countries, towns/cities I've been to.

If I book a flight, as soon as the email comes in my phone adds it to the calendar with a reminder. Likewise when I book an appointment at my car dealer and they respond.

A new feature just added is a shortcut to digital payments and tickets. If I hold down the power button it gives me the option of using Google Pay, my bank's virtual debit card, or displays any airline or sporting event tickets to be scanned.

It was a bit daunting at first but the convenience and personalisation makes this thing a virtual assistant. I recently got my other half a Pixel 4 and she likes it.

  john bunyan 19:19 03 May 2020

Thanks. Very interesting if a bit “ Big Brother” like. Well done; a bit too daunting for me!

  wee eddie 22:49 03 May 2020

And, to think that, people used to employ Secretaries to do that kind of thing

  wee eddie 06:02 04 May 2020

I suppose that my real question should have been phrased:

The COVID-19 Tracking App ~ Will it b e relying on each Phone User having Bluetooth turned on when out and about?

  wee eddie 07:55 04 May 2020

I have noticed that, this morning on the Radio 4;

Every mention of Apps, uses the words ~ "Bluetooth Powered Apps"

So that answers my question.

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