Blocking o2 phone after highlighted unusual call

  contractor 11:30 30 Jun 2010

Recently my daughter fell victim to a thief who very cleverly rang and said that her phone was in the lost property room of where she had been and she could have it returned, it wasn't until a couple of days later that she realised that it had in fact been stolen. The scumbag racked up over £700 in calls. My point is that O2 actually flagged the first call but didn't block any further calls. I've tried to find out their "duty of care" policy but keep getting the runaround from them
Does anyone else think that their only consideration is to make money from customers irrespective if the calls were legitimate or not. Every email I've sent I've asked the question "why didn't they block any further calls after they had highlighted the first unusual one"
just to get a nil response from them

  ella33 11:18 02 Jul 2010

That is a shocking experience. Although I have always been pleased with o2 service, I have never lost a phone, so I don't know what line they might take. I would have expected a better reaction than that, to suspicious calls.

I wonder if there are any laws against using a phone you have found, for more than to find out who it belongs to and call them? The virtual laws generally are pretty vague but I feel that the only way of improving the system is to complain officially.

After all it is impossible to be so perfect that you never have anything stolen, however careful you are.

I wonder if the top up as u go system can stop this from happening. There seem to be good deals. But I don't know if that prevents someone from making further calls?

  ella33 11:22 02 Jul 2010

Oh in my early days of Bluetooth, I didn't realise how important it was to switch it off, when not in use and lost quite a bit then...not seven hundred pound but I couldn't believe how big the bills were, until I found out.

  contractor 12:11 05 Jan 2011

After several emails about this pointing out that had it been a debit/credit card that showed an unusual purchase the card would have been blocked until it was confirmed that it was legit and that 02 actually sent a text saying that it was an unusual call but didn't block further use of the phone to me this shows neglence on their behalf. I got nowhere with them so I wouldn't touch any 02 product in the future because of this hope other people follow suit and therefore make 02 more accountible for their lack of customer care.

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