Blackberry upgrade/change contract advice?

  Eviledna 10:20 18 Sep 2009

I have had a Blackberry Curve for a year and I am due to have my handset upgraded. I have a contract with T-mobile but I know I go over my monthly tariff and my monthly bill is around £40 (think my tariff is around £25p/m).

I use my phone mainly to email and text, hardly using the phone for calls. I think I go over my monthly download of email usage.

I really want the Blackberry Bold (Storms touchscreen puts me off) but I want a contract that will give me a higher download limit and less talk minutes.

Searching on the web for mobile contracts has been pretty fruitless as you can only specify talk and text minutes in the comparison search, not email or net download limit usage.

Should I bite the bullet and get a netbook with mobile broadband? Perhaps just using a pay-as-you-go mobile for the occasional call? Is mobile broadband reliable?

I have a 32Gb itouch which I regret buying as free wifi opportunities are very limited.

Or does anyone know of a Blackberry contract that would suit me or a link to a mobile contract comparison website that will let me advanced search for the download deal that I want?

Thanks very much for any responses.


  Forum Editor 23:54 23 Sep 2009

when I'm on the move, and after much searching I found what is almost the perfect combination. I also have a T-Mobile contract, and pay £30.64 plus VAT for a monthly allowance of £200 to use in whichever way I like.

I use a T-Mobile G1, which is the best phone I've ever had (better by miles than my previous Blackberry), and have constant access to email and internet. It's the perfect package for me, and works flawlessly - mail is pushed to the phone at whatever intervals I choose from each of my three mailboxes.

I also use a netbook with a T-Mobile mobile broadband deal, which costs me an additional £12 a month. Internet access is available anywhere there's a phone signal, although I'm less than impressed with the speed, in fact I've just written to T-Mobile to warn them that unless they turn up the throttle considerably I'll be leaving them at the end of the current contract. In a recent survey of Mobile broadband services T-Mobile came bottom of the list for speed, although all the network providers were slammed for not providing anything like the advertised speeds.

  Eviledna 20:32 05 Oct 2009

I'll look that mobile up and I will also re-negotiate my contract with T-mobile (first finding out exactly why I constantly go over my monthly limits).

I'm not too sure about a netbook etc... because of the problems you mentioned about speed. A mobile contract and phone that works for me will do for now :)

Thanks again for your response.

  golfpro 09:33 14 Nov 2009

Although I live in Austria, I had the same problems very few phone calls but lots of emails. So I have a Samsung G-600 on PAYG for my phone calls (it will also push emails through if I want it to), and a few months ago I bought a Samsung NC10 net book which I love. I have a broad band dongle 10 GB for €12 a month and its fast. With this my emails are taken care of plus I can contact people on Skype, Face book etc. when I`m out and about.

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