Blackberry or iPhone

  SURVEY 09:41 15 May 2010

Has anyone agonised over which to buy? I need a device that will allow me principally to send and receive emails,log on to various websites and permit me to have my Outlook calendar and contacts shown and synchronised with my PC. I need to be able to easily negotiate the screen as my present phone wich can get onto the Internet has a very small screen that is a nightmare to get to the part of the screen one wants and to read it. Any other extras would be great. Battery life is a consideration also.

  bremner 19:30 22 May 2010

One of the things that a Blackberry does better than an iPhone (or any other phone) is email.

That said - yes you can sync the iPhone with Outlook and the soon to be released iPhone OS4 will add improvements to the current system.

One of the biggest strengths of the iPhone is it Internet access and screen size. I have an iPhone and it is one of the best bits of kit I have ever had.

I do not know if you saw the news item this week. Standard Charter bank, after pressure from staff are now offering the iPhone as an alternative to the Blackberry for their staff. It is said that many other companies will now follow suit since Apple have improved the security on an iPhone to the standard required by business.

The best way is to go into one of the mobile shops that has both iPhone and Blackberry, get them in your hand and see which one does it for you.

  Strawballs 17:15 30 May 2010

Sony Ericsson Xperia is very good.

  defendor 15:43 01 Jun 2010

It all depends on what type of phone that you are looking for. If you want a phone that is all about business and you want to be able to respond to emails and stuff like that really fast then i would suggest going for the blackberry. Also the physical qwerty keyboard is also a big plus because it just makes it easier to type out messages.

Now if you want a phone that has a good media player (and im not saying that the blackberry media player sucks, its just that the iphone's is faster and easier to use) and is just fun to mess around with, then i would go for the iPhone. And i will say that the battery on the iphone 3G isnt that bad. I usually get a full day of use out of mine. When i had my blackberry (and i have had about 7 of them over the past couple of years) the battery ran down really fast or just wouldnt charger.

So basically it is up to you on which phone you want. For my taste I like the iPhone 3G better because I like to have my music close to me and to be able to get access to my contacts and make calls quickly. The iphone has that advantage over the Blackberry.

  FatboySlim71 08:47 23 Jul 2010

I had the same question when I was going to get my first Smartphone.

What I did was. I went to my local O2 store on several occasions, spending probably an hour at a time trying the iPhone and the Blackberry side by side. I wanted a Smartphone that had a good web browser (which the iPhone does, has it has a proper web browser on it, Safari browser it has on it).

I tried the web browser on the Blackberry. But after using the iPhone’s Safari browser and its really user friendly and intuitive touch screen user control interface, I found the Blackberry’s browser rather cumbersome and no where near has easy to navigate around compared to the iPhone.

One point to the iPhone so far.

People always say the Blackberry is the best for handling email, which I will agree with. But I have had no problems with my iPhone with regards to the handling of email. If you do not use an email service that supports PUSH (such as Google mail/Gmail) then you can set the iPhone to check (Pull) any new email through every 15 minutes. You can choose other time intervals to check (Pull) but 15 minutes is the minimum time interval. You can also switch the automatic checking for email off whether Push or Pull, in this mode, you manually check for email when you feel like it, by clicking on the iPhone’s Mail icon.

One point for the Blackberry.

Now I thought with the Blackberry having a real QWERTY keypad, that typing on it would be easier/better than using a virtual keyboard like the iPhone uses. But after typing on them both, I found that the Blackberry’s keys had to be on the small side to fit into the space it occupied, and as such, I found that it was too easy for me to hit the wrong key (I haven’t got big fingers or hands). Whereas the iPhone’s virtual keypad/keyboard had a lot bigger keys (especially when the iPhone was turned onto its side (landscape mode) has the keys were made bigger when in this mode. I found I could type faster using my two thumbs on the iPhone and more accurate, than what I could with the Blackberry.

Two points for the iPhone so far.

Next it was on to media/media player, such as music, video, game play, Apps.
The iPhone’s media player is the iPod. Basically you get the iPod Touch on the iPhone. The iPod on the iPhone, I found was so much easier to use than the Blackberry’s. Also with the iPhone having a much larger screen, watching videos, playing games, using Apps was just so much better than the Blackberry in my opinion. The iPod is arguable the easiest most user friendly media player around.

Three points to the iPhone so far.

Now on to Apps. Both the Blackberry and the iPhone have Apps available. But the iPhone has by a massive amount more Apps available for it than the Blackberry and more than any other Smartphone for that matter. The ability to install Apps/games, means that it is possible to do almost anything with your Smartphone (you can’t get an App to do the housework yet sadly). Look on Apps has like a program you would install on your computer that would then allow you to do a certain thing/task.

So its four points to the iPhone now.

So in total, for my uses. The iPhone wins by 4 points to the Blackberry’s 1 point.

  superhoops 17:30 03 Aug 2010

Would suggest defiantely not getting the iphone 4 yet. Apart from the well documented reception problems there is another problem that so far has amassed 70+ pages of complaints on the apple forum.

Every single call that I make either mutes, transfers to speakerphone or the call ends due to the proximity sensor being faulty, therefore your face/ear touches the buttons as they are not disabled as they should be. The phone is basically unusable for making calls. There are so many reports of this that I am not even bothering to get it exchanged but will have to wait for the latest fix

  FatboySlim71 22:39 03 Aug 2010

I am not having any proximity issues with my iPhone 4.

The thing is. Apple sell millions of iPhone's/iPhone 4's. The complaints on the Apple forum will represent a small amount of all the iPhone 4's sold.

The thing is. People mostly only go on the forums and post when they have problems. Think of the forum has a Doctors surgery, i.e. only the people who have something wrong will visit. You don't get people going to the Doctors when they have nothing wrong.

  SURVEY 13:50 04 Aug 2010

I must admit that having handled the iPhone 4 yesterday, it does seem to be pretty good. One aspect that struck me was that as it can connect to wifi one is not using mobile air time where wifi is available.

What is the situation abroad with roaming charges. Can the iPhone be used just as a wifi device thus negating any roaming charges? Can it then also just be used to make and receive phone calls without any download charges, thus no more expensive than a simple non-smart phone?

  FatboySlim71 21:59 04 Aug 2010

"What is the situation abroad with roaming charges. Can the iPhone be used just as a wifi device thus negating any roaming charges? Can it then also just be used to make and receive phone calls without any download charges, thus no more expensive than a simple non-smart phone?"

If you put the iPhone in Airplane Mode (this is in the Settings part of the iPhone), this will then disable all cellular connections. It is possible while in Airplane Mode to connect via wifi.

  SURVEY 17:43 11 Aug 2010

I have now found out that the iphone will not sync with Outlook 2000 calendar and contacts, without first copying the exported csv file etc. This is a real pain. Does the Blackberry sync easily with Outlook?

  Forum Editor 22:51 11 Aug 2010

Yes, it's a piece of cake.

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