blackberry mobile any good?

  polish 19:54 06 Dec 2010

has anyone any experience of blackberrys good or bad my daughter is desperate for one the curve 3g is preferred.

  Forum Editor 22:52 06 Dec 2010

from Consumerwatch.

  HXP 17:05 18 Dec 2010

Blackberry is superb for email but is not really up there with the latest Android smartphones if you want a multi faceted device.

I have used a lot of phones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile , iPhone and I would go for Androis every time - ' it does it all ' - and most of the apps for free ....

  polish 20:01 20 Dec 2010

hxp thanks for response she and her friends want one of these must be a fashion thing are they reliable though she uses the internet and texts alot

  HXP 21:33 20 Dec 2010

I know many Blackberry users happy with their devices when used mainly for email.

It's a business device trying to catch up with the consumer market new generation smartphones.

Android is the way to go - HTC Desire preferably.

It really does do it all Blackberry a bit one dimensional.

I have latest Blackberry Storm - still prefer HTC Desire

  polish 20:40 21 Dec 2010

hxp thanks for response unfortunately only the blackberry will do teenagers no it all?!

  ams4127 22:31 21 Dec 2010

I've got a Blackberry curve 8250 and love it. For what I need it's brilliant, but as HXP says, it is really more suited for business use.

I certainly did not buy it as a fashion accessory. I must remember to tell that one to my mates tomorrow..."Hey lads, I really bought it because I'm fashionable" I might, or might not escape unscathed!!

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