Blackberry 7290 Bluetooth 'problem'

  Chris the Ancient 16:27 05 Jan 2010

But not a too serious one!

I am using a Blackberry RIM 7290 in a purely phone capacity (coz I'm on company SIM card). I use it quite a bit in my car (Ford Focus Titanium).

When I used to use my Nokia phones in the car (in bluetooth mode) My radio mounted display of phone functions could give me my contact list to scroll through to call a number. I have transferred that contact list into my BB.

But, the radio display only gives me "Dial No." display and no option to use my contact list (now called "Address Book" on the BB).

It is not the end of the world because the phone is mainly used (with discretion) for incoming calls and the contact display lets me know whether or not it's a contact I am 'willing' to speak to at that time.

I have Googled various parts to see if the lack of Address Book/Contact List is a vagary of BB or not.

Anyone any ideas?

  jaritch 08:13 06 Jan 2010

Hi Chris
I have a Blackberry 8310 with a parrot car kit. The parrot displays all my contacts from the BB on the screen.

Although the 8310 is not a new model from RIM it is a lot newer than the 7290, so may be down to that or indeed your particular system doesn't like RIM.

Probably not much help but maybe someone will come along with a similar set up to you.

  Chris the Ancient 09:04 06 Jan 2010

Yeah, I realise that the 7290 is old hat, but I find it so much easier for text messages having a keyboard; but, more importantly, the battery life is really long. My old Nokia 6822 could go flat in less than a day being on bluetooth in the car.

I think it's a system thing as well. I had an LG 'Chocolate' for a while and that couldn't display the contact list on the radio.

Perhaps Sony (who make the car radio) don't realise that there are other phone makers apart from Nokia.

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