Better sound from better speakers?

  Diemmess 09:31 24 May 2010

Recently converted to Freesat TV.
Space to fit in an alcove is very limited, but a 22" LG fills the alcove width.
Not surprisingly, the sound is a long long way from good, though better than Cocoa tins and some string.

There is a 3.5mm socket for headphones in the LG case.

I am sure there must be a simple speaker unit available, of the sort normally used with a PC?

I prefer a single, quality unit, or twin speakers.
NOT the Altec Lansing which I use on my PC.
That includes a Woofer and has ridiculous boosted Base at anything but low volume - A real boomer.

Can anyone recommend make/model?

  Chris the Ancient 13:03 24 May 2010

Had an identical problem!

Shopped around and bought these... click here

Two disadvantages with my new television.
*The external sound is not controlled by the tv volume
*because my tv had phono sockets out, I had to get adaptors - but you do have the advantage of a 3.5 socket.

The woofer is tucked down behind the cabinet and I can now sit and watch HDTV with HD sound.

  Chris the Ancient 13:04 24 May 2010

It is a little heavy on the bass, but on old sock (or similar) stuffed in the reflex port reduces the boom a little!

  onthelimit 16:01 24 May 2010 that where the phrase "put a sock in it" comes from, I wonder!

  Diemmess 18:02 24 May 2010

Could just be so!

Chris the Ancient thanks, your experience is just what I want to know.

I would prefer to use a two unit affair because space behind is cluttered with cable and a woofer will be a brute to squeeze in there sock or no sock.

On the up side, I've checked the headphone socket and the output at that point is controlled by the TV's remote.

In the final order of things I'm looking for reasonable quality but not into the realms of exotica.

Time to stop being lazy and browse for myself. Any other permutations from memebr's experience please

  Diemmess 10:16 25 May 2010

...... its purpose and I want to concentrate now on this product.
click here

  Joseph Kerr 16:35 01 Jun 2010

Are you sure you are getting HD sound? Your setup dooesnt seem to include a way of sending HD sound to your speakers...? It may sound a bit better with HD channels, but i would doubt it is HD sound as such unless im missing something, which is entirely possible...

  Chris the Ancient 14:35 02 Jun 2010

Sorry for the delay - been busy.

Whether or not it is true 'HD' sound, I don't really know. I am using the only external sound facilities on my TV which is via a pair of phono sockets and out to my 2.1 system.

It may not be 100% pure hi-fi; but it is, as sure as heck, good enough for me. And certainly infinitely better than the built-in system on the TV!


  Joseph Kerr 22:29 02 Jun 2010

OK as long as you're happy, just wanted to mention it in case it was impoortant to you.

I will probably do something similar to you at some point as i dont really want surround sound, and dont think it is worth having an amp with multi channel, HD sound if you only use 2 channels

  [email protected] 17:49 04 Jun 2010

These are supposed to be very good (if you haven't already bought a set) - click here

  Diemmess 21:19 04 Jun 2010

Also for anyone else who is curious.

I settled for the Creative speakers already linked.
Result - Acceptable sound, very similar to the twin front-facing speakers on the old analogue 22"Panasonic CRT.

There is a tendency to boom as the volume goes up and the top frequencies are easily lost by turning them even slightly to one side.
Miles better than the tinny sound from the new LG

Remember that this room doesn't have much space.
The whole lot rests in an opened fireplace and chimney with the lower 20" occupied by a cupboard. Any TV has to fit between the stone sides of the alcove.

22" widescreen fits, 26" wouldn't, and no one seems to make a 24" model....... Well I didn't find one and I settled for the tiddler.

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