Best TV and media set up for our household advice

  Shane Church 11:29 18 Mar 2018

Hi. Currently in my flat we have so many devices and wires every it is getting ridiculous.

In the living room we have a smart TV with now TV box and an amazon fire stick (loaded with kodi).

In our bedroom we have a standard HD TV with now TV box and amazon fire stick (also kodi). Finally, in child's bedroom another standard HD TV with now TV box.

There is only 1 Ariel point in the flat so we have a booster box with 3 Ariel cables going to the now TV boxes. Then the ethernet cables to each of the now TV boxes (for some reason the now TV boxes don't like wireless very much). Its stupid really! I need to simplify this without, if possible, losing anything.

We really need kodi in the living room & bedroom and I'd like to keep now TV in all rooms (entertainment & movies in living room and our bedroom and just kids in child's bedroom). We don't really watch the free 2 air channels much if at all. My current idea is to get rid of the Now TV boxes and get the now TV sticks instead and have 2 Now TV accounts (1 for the movies & ent passes and then 1 for my daughter for the kids pass) and keep the fire sticks, thus getting rid of the booster, Ariel's and Ethernet cables.

Would this work or is there a better way to do it?


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