Best replacement for samsung galaxy note 3

  sharpy878 08:34 06 Jun 2018

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current phone. I've got a budget of around 500€ and am currently looking at the options from huwai, wiko and xiaomi. Phones from the more popular manufacturers don't seem to have much more to offer than the note 3 I'm currently using, at this price level anyway. I want a large screen as I stream a lot of films and browse the Internet. I need a large memory as I have an awful lot of music. And I'd like a pretty good camera as I have to keep a lot of clients updated with work progress.

Any comments good or bad greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  Forum Editor 11:49 06 Jun 2018

You might want to take a look at this.

  wee eddie 12:33 06 Jun 2018

You can get perfectly adequate phones for about £250

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