Best option: Getting a Cinema 3D HDTV now or waiting for OLED TV ?

  duke45 05:46 21 May 2012

We are planning to move to our new home in a month’s time and one of the decisions we have made recently is to purchase the latest TV set in order to comfortably watch the upcoming London Olympic Games. What we’re thinking now is whether to purchase the Cinema 3D HDTV or wait for the OLED TV that LG plans to release in May 2012. Any recommendation…?

  duke45 09:08 01 Jun 2012

Are you saying that the price for OLED TV is affordable and we can save money if we go ahead to buy one? Or is it too expensive and we shouldn't buy it? More clarification please…

  john bunyan 20:22 01 Jun 2012

For me, to pay as much for a TV as for a small car cannot be justified, unless you are a footballer. The new LED Cinema LG's at around £1000 are perfectly OK I think.

  rickf 15:46 03 Jun 2012

Got mt LG 37LS570T Smart Led TV and happy with it. Costs about £500

  wmary10 06:11 04 Jun 2012

OK I see where the argument is coming. Literally, ?8000 is way expensive especially to middle class people and below. But don’t forget that OLED TV has all the qualities you may think of in a TV set and besides, it’s not out yet. So I expect that ?8000 price tag is just to capture the early adopters. Also OLED TV is a new technology which LG should be justified for charging premiums.

  speedman 08:32 12 Jun 2012

If you have enough money to buy the OLED, by all means wait for it. But if not, get the 3D Cinema Screen. Since you're considering OLED, though, you might want to save up for it even if you're budget is tight for one. Not that many people seriously consider OLED evn though it's the most amazing TV out there because of its price.

  kirkthebest 08:43 14 Jun 2012

Both sound like a great plan but if I were you, I would buy the LG oled tv. i am actually saving up to buy one myself. The price may be up a little but it is going to be a breath-taking experience. The price is not what matters. I would choose oled tv over a small car any day. I spend more time watching tv than driving. Not only am I able to enjoy it but also my friends, family and kids. I always invite a lot of friends over on the weekend to watch some sport or movie.

  aiato 05:43 03 Jul 2012

I read in one of the forum threads that OLED TV will hit the stores by end of the year. I think If you're willing to wait and can cough up $8000 then OLED TV would be a better choice. But if you aren't that serious about TVs and just want to maybe watch the Olympics and movies occasionally, then go with LED smart TVs. You could probably get a decent LED TV for like?800~2000. I was actually waiting for the OLED TV too but I ended up getting the LG's LM760T and I'm glad I did that because I hate waiting and it's a great TV.

  JoeHill79 06:03 03 Jul 2012

I agree with all those comments above. If you have enough money and patient then wait. But if you get Cinema 3D one it will be still good. LG is a nice company so no matter what choice you make, you won’t kick yourself for that.

  chasmithy 06:19 03 Jul 2012

Well if you have enough money to splurge on OLED than why not wait for another couple of month or so? I wouldn’t have that kind of patient though lol. As far as I seen on CES LG OLED looked really really gorgeous. I loved the design and feature so much and couldn’t believe how vivid the picture was. I’m using 3D cinema tv from LG and I absolutely love it too. Even if you get the cinema one I’m pretty sure you'd be pretty satisfied.

  lhalfman 01:59 10 Jul 2012

Waiting will be a great idea. The OLED convention show has revealed that the OLED is going to revolutionize the TV. I can’t wait to see what changes it will bring to the living room. I am just waiting and hoping for the best.

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