Best budget printer

  smiiithy2009 14:39 05 Oct 2010

Hi guys,

I am looking for some help. I need a sub £80 printer and have been looking at the Kodak ESP 3250. The cost effectiveness of ink appeals greatly to me. The printer will go in the same room as my ethernet/wifi router and a network facility would be beneficial but not essential.

Any suggestions?



  Chris the Ancient 15:36 05 Oct 2010

The down side...

It only has one colour cartridge. So, if you run out of one colour only, you need to buy a complete cartridge and waste the part used colours.

  Kevscar1 08:04 06 Oct 2010

I,ve run epsons for 15 yrs. Cheap, most compatible cartridges will print good colour A4 photgraphs. 6 different cartridges so you only pay for what needs replacing.

  Chris the Ancient 09:32 06 Oct 2010

Like Kevscar, I have been using Epson printers for quite few years. And for the same reason.

Although I think they are going down in popularity a bit, I buy cartridges form Choice Stationery and they work fine (only had one fail in the last four years).

  jack 10:39 06 Oct 2010

say this because of recent resurrected old posts winding up with a recommendation for the machine mentioned and extensive TV advertising of late.
For my part as high quality colour printing is not an imperative to me - I have dumped inkjet for a modest colour laser- It has been in service now for 12 months and the toner indicator is just beginning to move down the bar[Still better than 90% to go]

  Chris the Ancient 12:40 06 Oct 2010

I don't see this one as spam.

a) It is not an old, resurrected post.

b) The guy concerned has asked what I feel to be a valid question.

c) Kevscar and myself have been contributing to this forum for quite a long time and have offered quite valid suggestions - as indeed you have.

So why do you see this as spam?

  smiiithy2009 17:48 06 Oct 2010

I have resurrected the post after taking the age old advice of 'try the search button first'. I'm actually looking for alternatives that might offer network printing at a similar price.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, would be grateful for any more.

  jack 18:11 06 Oct 2010

also to Chris the ancient and Kevscar
It just seemed odd thats all because there have been a flurry of such old posts of late- but as Smithy2009 says that's what you get when one does a seacrh'
Witness the one about self adhesive paper in a laser in recent days
I shall now go and sit in the corner

  Chris the Ancient 09:55 07 Oct 2010


  smiiithy2009 19:11 07 Oct 2010

So back to the point, what printer can I get that is under £80 and has network printing with similar spec to the Kodak? Or what printer/wifi usb combo can I get for a similar price?

  Kevscar1 04:52 08 Oct 2010

Need some more info to make recommendations. Are you going to be printing lots of photos in which case you need 6 colour or mainly documnets 4 colour will do. Do you want all in one. Don't like them myself but some people need the space saving they give.

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