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Best Antivirus for Android buget phone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 16 Mar 2018

I currently have Avast on My phone (a Smart Ultra 6) but its getting on my nerves with the incessant adverts and pop ups.

Can anyone recommend a decent non intrusive free Av for android?

  Menzie 23:32 16 Mar 2018

Bitdefender seems to do well for me, it stays in the background, scans newly installed apps or downloaded files and seems to do what I need.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 17 Mar 2018

Thanks I'll see what other suggestions come up befor tying it.

  wee eddie 20:28 17 Mar 2018

I use Kaspersky Free

  martd7 21:12 17 Mar 2018

I use panda av,simple,non intrusive

  wiganken2 08:15 18 Mar 2018

I thought that, as long as one doesn't visit dodgy sites and only install apps from reputable sources, there was no need to have antivirus on Android phones? I believe that the language used for Android phones is Java which makes it difficult, or at least not attractive enough, for virus writers to exploit. See here click here and also click here

  alanrwood 11:32 18 Mar 2018

Android is based on Linux not Java

  Forum Editor 11:54 18 Mar 2018

I have used Android phones for years, and have never installed any anti-virus applications. I have never been troubled by a virus, and neither has anyone I know with an Android phone. People often confuse malware with viruses, but there's a difference.

Asked if Android users should install anti-virus applications on their devices, Android's chief security officer said 'absolutely not'.

Provided you download apps from the Play Store, and stay away from the darker side of the web you will be safe enough. Malware can get into the Play Store, but Google usually finds it pretty quickly, and removes the offending app. These are usually fakes, posing as the real thing, and provided you exercise a degree of commonsense you should be safe enough.

The vast majority of Android users never experience any security concerns.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:15 23 Mar 2018


  Richard Trump 14:00 27 Mar 2018

I will not recommend to use any antivirus as it drains down your battery and also slows down your phone.

  wee eddie 14:26 27 Mar 2018

There will be Malware and Viruses for Android as soon as it becomes profitable.

That there is little now is something of a miracle, considering how much Banking is done on Android Phones. I would not be as confident, as some, that the platform is safe

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