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best android phone to buy

  annie21 03:03 23 Jan 2018

What would be the best upcoming or already existing android phone to buy?

  The Kestrel 13:49 24 Jan 2018

Try using the reviews on this website.

  Forum Editor 16:46 24 Jan 2018

That's a bit like asking which is the best Ford car, and it prompts the question best for what?

Follow The Kestrel's advice, and take a look at our reviews.

  Menzie 17:29 24 Jan 2018

I don't think Tech Advisor has reviewed it yet but the Essential phone has been making waves in the Android world.

Tech Advisor has a feature on it here.

As far as the "best" goes that is highly subjective.

Phones are personal things and no single handset would be ideal for every single person out there.

1]: [click here

  thefonestuff 13:52 12 Jul 2018

The answer to this question would depend on your budget. If you have high budget then I would say go for Galaxy S9/S9+ or the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Even the Google Pixel 2 is a good option in the premium smartphone range. If the budget is mid range, then OnePlus 6 or Huawei P20 Pro could be great options.

  MLA2000 14:19 13 Jul 2018

It depends on what you're looking for. It's important to pick which things you think are more important in a phone, for example long battery life, a good camera or speed.

In my opinion, take a look at the Nokia range. The Nokia range is easy to look through, the phones are numbered from 1 to 8, with updated models being labelled .1 - the higher the number, the "better" the phone is in terms of performance. If you see a phone in the Nokia range you like the look of, have a look at the other manufacturers offerings at a similar price point.

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