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Being from the steam age I require advice

  Ungus 18:16 21 Jul 2015

I am about to upgrade my very old Nokia phone for one of these smart phone chaps. Bearing in mind I am from Scootish agricultural roots and there for careful with my money, which is a good all round smart phone that won't break my piggy bank. Forget to add must be absolutely idiot proof.

  john bunyan 10:12 22 Jul 2015


I agree that to pay as much, or more, for a phone than a laptop, or horse, is, for me also, too expensive. Those that get them via their jobs are lucky. In view of you being in a good O2 area, I think a SIM free smartphone, with Giff Gaff as a rolling monthly (no long term) contract at £10 a month for 500 mins calls, 1 Gig download, 5000 texts would suit you. The phone itself, I leave to others to comment on - I think about £100 to £150 would be needed.

  john bunyan 09:41 25 Jul 2015

Just found this

PCA Smartphones

Are you there, Ungus?

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