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Being from the steam age I require advice

  Ungus 18:16 21 Jul 2015

I am about to upgrade my very old Nokia phone for one of these smart phone chaps. Bearing in mind I am from Scootish agricultural roots and there for careful with my money, which is a good all round smart phone that won't break my piggy bank. Forget to add must be absolutely idiot proof.

  matt2000 19:22 21 Jul 2015

You have three main options for a smartphone, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. I also recommend a "Pay-As-You-Go" plan on the assumption use will be limited and you have WiFi. When you do buy the device do not purchase one from stores such as Argos. Instead go to an EE, O2, Vodafone or 3 store as staff will be able to help you.

An iPhone is very simple to use, however Apple's devices are expensive and have fragile screens which crack easily. I do not recommend an iPhone on cost grounds, however Apple's devices have the most "apps" (programs that add features to the device other than calls/texts).
Android devices come in many forms. The main company making Androids is Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy devices are easy to use, and have a large number of apps. Some cheaper Android models exist however usually take longer to load/turn on. I would recommend a Galaxy S6 or HTC One device - as these are popular, easy to use devices.
Windows Phone devices are the easiest (in my opinion) to use and cheap, although the range of apps is limited. Windows Phones have an interface using large boxes, which are easy to see and use. I would recommend the Microsoft Lumia 640 if you were to chose a Windows Phone device.

  john bunyan 19:23 21 Jul 2015


Like you, I have what my grand children call a "brick" , also a Nokia. I am doing similar homework. I hate contracts ,and following the youngsters advice will adopt a "Gif Gaf" SIM only contract for £10 per month where you get 500 mins of talk, 1Gig download, and 5000 texts. It is a rolling monthly contract so if you do not like them you can go elsewhere. I am currently with Orange, but the signal here is pretty hopeless. Gif Gaf use the O2 network.

I like Apple phones and iPads and iTunes, but the idea of spending £500 - 600 on a phone seems crazy. I have the offer of a new iPhone 5 at £200 but am dithering as there are better and cheaper phones, Samsung seems popular.

Others will no doubt comment, but if I were you I would see what network has the best signal where you are , and consider avoiding a 2 year contract. If, say £10 is the cost of monthly calls, then a £35 per month contract is £25 for the phone or £600 over 2 years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:27 21 Jul 2015

smart phone / absolutely idiot proof.

No such thing I'm afraid :0)

Might be easier telling us what you want to do with the phone?

They all make calls and text, have an alarm and camera.

Do you want GPS?

what op system windows, Android, iOS (apple)?

Th list goes on :0)

  john bunyan 19:29 21 Jul 2015

PS I am looking at good second hand Iphones. Some places, like the "Game" stores offer a 1 year guarantee. If I Phone I think the i5 is the minimum; the 4 and 4s are a bit dated.

  flycatcher1 19:31 21 Jul 2015

My eldest Grandson "lent" me his spare Smart Phone and I got to like if, unfortunately my wife liked it more so I passed it on and bought its Big Brother. Android Motorola Moto G 5" Dual Sim 8GB Sim Free - cost about £130 ish. We nearly all use Giffgaff and with MyApp set up for family use it is a joy to use. Cheap to run. By the way, in my experiene Scots are rarely mean and I had many head aches to prove it !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 21 Jul 2015

Maybe something here will suit your staeam age taste

  Ungus 19:43 21 Jul 2015

I require phone calls texts internet camera email and O2 is the only stable signal that works out in the bush where I am. I like the sound of Samsung my mate has a Nokia lumia are they any good he is as clueless as me so no point in asking him.

  Ungus 19:46 21 Jul 2015

Oh forgot I ain't buying a phone at 600 quid I could by another good horse for that.

  Quickbeam 20:45 21 Jul 2015

A good horse could convey a message where a smart phone has no signal. So I'd recommend a smart pinto...

  Forum Editor 22:15 21 Jul 2015

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