Be aware when buying a new PAYG mobile phone ...

  Graham* 14:33 22 Sep 2015

**You will also need a SIM card (you may get this free) and a 'Top-up' of £10 to get you started. If you then take it back for whatever reason (in my case it didn't work) for a refund, you will not get the £10 back.**

  wee eddie 15:04 22 Sep 2015

But you will still have a SIM Card with £10 of Credit on it.

  spuds 15:41 22 Sep 2015

This as been the practice of places like Argos for years. Thought everyone knew about by now, apparently not.

I assume the reason behind "you will not get the £10 back.", is due to a third party (service provider) transaction, when the voucher is printed out. Perhaps also similar to an expiry date on some vouchers, that some people never notice, if they do not activate the mobile and voucher in a certain time frame.

  Graham* 16:45 22 Sep 2015

wee eddie The credit is for a number that no longer exists.

spuds It's not a voucher, it's a SIM card, I still have it. My bank has now kindly put £10 in the account.

  Govan1x 17:03 22 Sep 2015

Don't quite follow you the sim card phone number should be nothing to do with the phone.

So you should be able to put it in another phone and use it.

I can take my sim card out of my phone and put it in any other phone and use it.

  morddwyd 19:19 22 Sep 2015

I'm a bit confused by this too.

I've had PAYG since about 1998, and still have the same number as I've transferred the SIM, and the credit, plus the £10 creit, from phone to phone. The only time I've changed SIM is from a full size one to a mini.

  alanrwood 11:28 23 Sep 2015

The phone number is part of the sim card and has nothing to do with the phone so you have lost nothing as you simply put the sim into your new phone.

  Forum Editor 12:04 23 Sep 2015

The others are right - it's the SIM that carries the phone number, not the phone.

Just use the SIM in another phone, as long as it's from the same network, or is unlocked.

  Graham* 14:58 23 Sep 2015

O2 has now transferred the top-up to my old phone, so I'm £10 better off!

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