battery charges

  adamagain 23:59 22 Feb 2006

Just need to know
I have a charger that says it charges ni cad
But it is quite old and it dosent say nickel metal battery
So would it do the more modern nickel metal type or is it to old

  Carbonara 00:25 23 Feb 2006

I wouldn't risk it. Probably is Ni Cad only.

  ton 02:36 24 Feb 2006

There is usually a switch to change from Ni-Cd to Ni-Mh as the charging rate is different.

So it would appear that yours is only suitable for Ni-Cd.

  Smiler 15:18 24 Feb 2006

I have a newer one which states that it is suitable for both Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh.
So unless it states on the charger that it is suitable for Ni-Mh don't chance it.

  Smiler 15:22 24 Feb 2006

Quote "Don't recharge NiMH's in an old NiCad charger
Newer chargers handle both NiMH's and NiCads. Older chargers handle only NiCads. If you have NiMH batteries, make sure your charger can handle them. Otherwise, you'll ruin your batteries (and maybe start a fire). If your charger isn't specifically labeled as handling NiMH batteries, then don't put NiMH batteries in it."

From here click here

  siouxah1 20:05 24 Feb 2006

To save you calculating charging times on an unsuitable cherger go to 7Dayshop and buy yourself a V6000 for about £15.

click here=


  siouxah1 20:10 24 Feb 2006

that of course should read charger. Will charge 1,2,3 or 4 batteries AA or AAA. Just plug in and it will do the rest on any of the older or present capacities. Switches charger to trickle charge when it detects the correct charged voltage. Even has thermal protection. I use one regularly.

  Fellsider 13:55 25 Feb 2006

click here

This is great little charger, includes car charger cable and 4 Batteries. Also charges 2 or 4 (switch on front)

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