Banking sign in problems with Chrome

  canarieslover 19:36 04 Apr 2019

All my banking is done online and I haven't had any problems until this month. I tried to login to pay my credit card account yesterday and my username/password was not recognised. Strange as I had logged in with same detail for previous two months. In the end I rang the helpline and they suggested not saving passwords with Chrome. I deleted passwords and set it to not save anymore, still could not login. Eventually advised to change browser so I used Edge for the first time ever. No problem. Went to check my current account, different bank, tonight and experienced the same problem with Chrome so resorted to Edge again where I was able to reset password and login with no problem. Has anyone else experienced any similar problems with Chrome?

  Forum Editor 23:31 04 Apr 2019

"In the end I rang the helpline and they suggested not saving passwords with Chrome."

That was excellent advice, and it doesn't just apply to Chrome - I would not advise allowing any browser to remember passwords. I also use do all my banking online. I use two different banks and I often change browsers; I can't say I have ever had the problem you've experienced.

Have you tried to sign in using Chrome in incognito mode?

  canarieslover 07:31 05 Apr 2019

* FE*
I'll give that a try. Certainly don't want to be locked out of my banking again. I just can't understand why this has suddenly happened. A Chrome update perhaps?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:09 05 Apr 2019

I just can't understand why this has suddenly happened.

A rogue third-party could be the culprit. Chrome's "Incognito Mode" doesn't load any extensions so it's a good test. You can access it by right-clicking the Chrome icon and choosing "New Incognito Window".

Try to login to your banking site in that mode. If it fails then don't try again as you could get locked out. If it's successful then post a screenshot of Chrome's Extensions page and I'll see if I can identify anything suspicious.

I have other ideas too so let me know how you get on.

  canarieslover 10:04 05 Apr 2019


Only extension I have ever used is Adblock Plus. That has been on there forever. I tend not to use anything else added to my browser.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:30 05 Apr 2019

I'd still like you try Incognito mode for me.

  canarieslover 09:07 06 Apr 2019

SS Will try that when I get back from my holiday. Away until Thursday and I don't trust hotel networks when I'm doing banking.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:50 06 Apr 2019

I don't trust hotel networks when I'm doing banking.

Your private data is encrypted in your browser before it's sent to the network, so even if were intercepted, it'll all be gobbledegook and of no use to anyone. I understand your concerns though and I'm happy to wait till next week.

Enjoy the rest of your hols.

  Forum Editor 14:23 08 Apr 2019

"Only extension I have ever used is Adblock Plus."

Nevertheless, it's worth trying incognito mode, which is why I suggested it. There have been recent changes in Chrome, and experience has shown that any changes in browsers can affect some users in certain contexts.

In February of this year, Google started rolling out its own inbuilt ad-blocking technology in Chrome. The thinking behind this move was commercially motivated,like almost everything Google does. For the same reasons, Apple introduced a similar technology to Safari last year.

The company knows that roughly a quarter of all web-connected computer users have an ad blocker installed, and some of these are pretty aggressive. Google hopes that its own ad-blocking might lead to fewer people opting for the aggressive blockers which have a real impact on its revenues.

You haven't by chance configured Chrome to reject cookies, have you?

  canarieslover 09:31 12 Apr 2019

Having returned from my mini break I tried Incognito Mode and logged into both my banks with no problem. Being a masochist I tried my normal way of accessing my banking and again I had no problem whatsoever. I'm not certain if the problem has been resolved or not but if it appears again I at least now know what I need to do to get to my accounts. Thanks for help.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:09 13 Apr 2019

Thanks for the update.

It sounds like a stale cookie was causing the problem. If it happens again in the normal version of Chrome then go into Settings and delete the ones for your bank then try again.

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