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Bandwith Router Modem control help

  Sandy Thomson 21:41 06 May 2019

Looking for some advice re wireless routers. I live in a house with a number of 'Broadbandits' who access the internet for various reasons on a number of devices and seriously slow down the home network. I have been looking around but managed to get myself well and truly confused. I am looking to replace my ISP provided smart Hub with a newer wireless Modem Router which has QoS features. I am aware that I can limit singular devices bandwidth but, I am looking for a solution where by I can assign a bandwidth allocation to a set group of IP addresses or MAC address. In short, each user gets a certain amount of bandwidth to use on their devices. I've had a look but cannot find a router that will suit my needs. Any sensible model suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.

  Sandy Thomson 16:46 07 May 2019

Hi, thanks for the repl.y. Ive had a look at some of the Asus routers and their emulators to get an idea of what can be done but cant see any that alow me to group devices and then allocate a bandwidth. Can you point me in the right direction, model no or range etc. Many thanks in advance.

  Sandy Thomson 16:48 07 May 2019

Sorry, just worked out how to do it. Set static IP adresses in a range group and then limit to that grouping. Many many thanks, got it at last. Pheww, that was hard work.

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