Automatically changing from NTSC to PAL on recordi

  nickbrace 10:05 28 Feb 2006


I have been having a nightmare trying to find a DVD/HDD recorder that can record both NTSC and PAL - there are a few such as the Panasonics. However - I need one that will automatically change between NTSC and PAL........

An example being - if I go out and want to record at 6pm from Freeview/PAL and then 9pm from my satellite receiver/NTSC then I wouldnt obviously want to rush home at 8pm to change the settings from PAL to NTSC.......I would spend my life in the menu changing this all the time.

If anyone knows of any that will automatically change between the 2 then please let me know.....?

The other option is to buy an NTSC converter......something between the satellite receiver (NTSC) and HDD recorder that would change the signal from NTSC to PAL60 or whatever...........this I think would be expensive though!


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