Automatic picture aspect ratios.

  Daibus 12:04 17 May 2009

I have been looking to buy a plasma or LCD TV but was wondering about the configuration of the picture aspect ratio.

If you look into the TV menus some have an automatic option that will fit the picture to the screen without those black bars, but looking around the stores this option seems to be greyed out when, as is often the case, a DVD is being played to the demonstration televisions around the store. If there is a terrestrial or satellite input the automatic ratio and other options are enabled via the picture or image menu.

I would be interested to know why this is?

Many thanks.

  Stuartli 13:33 17 May 2009

My LCD TV is configured to use the Auto picture aspect ratio setting and the mode works well.

Obviously a 4:3 transmission, for example, leaves gaps at each side as would be expected, but the screen is filled from top to bottom.

The setting can, of course, be temporarily changed with the remote control for personal preference of a particular transmission, but I usually leave it on Auto.

  Daibus 14:42 17 May 2009

Many thanks for your reply but I was noting that when looking at televisions instore that were displaying a 16:9 picture from an HD DVD source, the black borders top and bottom were visible and the automatic picture option didn't seem to be able to be used for this input.

Other options also seemed to be greyed out as well but if for example you used one of the options that were available to try and fill the screen, for example zoom, the picture was way out of proportion as the top and bottom of the picture were stretched disproportionately, leaving the sides where they were, which seemed liked a stretch and not a zoom. With these examples I was looking at a Samsung LCD set but other makes seemed to function in a similar way when a DVD was playing..

If you switched back to a non DVD input all the picture aspect ratio options became available, (including automatic)on the menu again - that was my point.

Sorry to go on a bit but a bit of a hard thing to explain.

  hssutton 14:48 17 May 2009

Probably due to the TV (Monitor) using the DVD settings. By selecting the DVD menu you will probably find all the settings there

  BT 17:27 17 May 2009

Although my TV (not a LCD/Plasma) manages to detect and alter itself when on Auto on the Cable Box input, it doesn't seem to detect it on input from the Freeview box and has to be altered manually.

  Daibus 10:08 27 May 2009

Many thanks for all your replies and will check the settings etc again.

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