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Apps Starting When Not Needed

  morddwyd 08:30 07 Jun 2016

Whenever I check my task manager I find several apps running which I have not started. I don't mean system apps but such as camera, which I rarely use, BBC News or even a sat nav app I might use a couple of times a year.

Is there an app, or a setting I have missed, which can keep such apps off unless I actually open them, at least until reboot?

(Galaxy Note 4, Marshmallow)

  Forum Editor 17:06 07 Jun 2016

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  morddwyd 19:20 07 Jun 2016

Thanks FE. I thought that was where I had put it!

  aila 05:22 08 Jun 2016

Close ALL Applications or Advanced Task Killer download from playstore.

  morddwyd 09:39 08 Jun 2016

I already use Advanced Task Killer, that's how I know all these apps are running. When I use ATK to "Kill Selected Apps" they are all running again within minutes.

Even if I kill all and then reboot they all start up again.

  muddypaws 13:40 08 Jun 2016

morddwyd I agree. Even if I re-open TK as soon as I close it they are all running again.

  morddwyd 15:13 08 Jun 2016

I'm afraid that article only deals with apps that I have opened. I'm talking about apps, non-system apps, which I have not opened. If I use a a sat nav app once to find an address I've not been to before, I don't want that app running,in the background or not, for the next six months, even on reboot, on the off chance I might need it again.

  morddwyd 08:53 09 Jun 2016

Thanks. I will look into that over the weekend.

  lotvic 12:26 09 Jun 2016

toejams, thanks for your link in post 14:02 08 Jun 16, most useful info.

  morddwyd 09:16 11 Jun 2016

"Do you know how to get to the Developer Options on Marshmallow? There is an option to do not keep activities after the user has closed them. Try enabling it."

Tried it but no joy. I can disable individually, of course, but that's by no means the ideal solution.

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