Apps freezing and no alarm sound on Samsung Galaxy

  Thisisdog 10:04 05 Sep 2017

Up until recently I had a Samsung Galaxy S6, and about a couple of weeks ago it started to freeze when using Whatsapp, usually after sending a message and trying to exit the app using the back key. I noticed it also froze when I tried to send more than one successive message. Then I slept through my alarm a couple of times, so I tested it and found the alarms are running silent, even though they are set not to. Trying to change my alarm would crash the app.

Later Facebook started to freeze after a minute or so of use, Twitter would do the same or sooner if a video tweet was loading, YouTube would crash if i tried to watch a video, and occasionally Chrome would stop, and keep stopping on restart until I rebooted my phone.

Things I have tried: Backed up my phone, restored factory settings and restored all data Cleared the cache on all affected apps Wiped the cache partition Performed a factory reset and started again from scratch.

The problems still persisted. My wife had an upgrade so I took her Galaxy S6 Edge. While I was waiting for the unlock code I used the phone without a SIM for a while and it was fine, but when the unlock code came yesterday and I inserted the SIM, within 12 hours the problems arose again. Could it be a SIM card issue? It can't be my Google account as I have a Galaxy tablet also connected to it that runs perfectly. Thanks

  Thisisdog 20:34 10 Sep 2017

Just an update on this if anyone has similar issues, I cleaned my SIM and it worked fine for a couple of days, then the problems arose again, so I ordered a new SIM and everything is fine now. Apps no longer freeze, the alarm works perfectly. Two new problems that came up, videos not playing from my gallery and the internet constantly dropping when connected to wifi, also fixed.

I had no idea a faulty SIM card could cause so many problems.

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