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App updates Google play store issue..

  gazmix 17:57 01 Mar 2019

Hi When I get app updates, most are successfully downloaded and installed however 2 or 3 download to 100%, start installing then after a second they start downloading again from 0%. I get error code 963 and tried cleaning cache for the app and restarting phone to no avail.

Help appreciated

  gazmix 19:27 02 Mar 2019

The issue is still the same today, I've had successfully updated apps today however the issue that is with Messenger and Amazon is still there.

  gazmix 16:52 04 Mar 2019

I've uninstalled both Apps and reinstalled so just waiting to see what happens when updates become available

  alanmandic 08:21 25 Jun 2019

clear Google Play cache, restart your phone. Install 1 by 1. Or maybe you can sideload it from other apk store apknite, aptoide...

  oftmarshall678 11:49 26 Jun 2019

Is Google Play Store updated? Are you installing the app on the SD card?

  gazmix 15:07 28 Jun 2019

Many thanks, it seems to have rectified itself, until next time.

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