anyone having trouble with Orange Coverage

  Seth Haniel 13:00 05 May 2010

live in middle of large town (93,000)
you would think Orange could get their act together and provide coverage for mobile internet

  Strawballs 12:16 07 May 2010

Three members of my family have orange and are having a lot of trouble with orange there are times it simply won't connect, we are in Hampshire

  Woolwell 11:21 25 May 2010

Have you used this to check your coverage click here. However it isn't entirely accurate as I know one area where it states that there should be good coverage and in fact it is poor.

Mobile internet is variable with any provider.

  Woolwell 11:26 25 May 2010

O2's coverage click here

It is interesting to compare. With Orange I am better off in my home location that with O2 but I could be better off elsewhere.

  Seth Haniel 15:22 25 May 2010

reckons I have 'Excellent' signal for all - hah

  Seth Haniel 15:34 25 May 2010

Please note: maps are based on a prediction of outdoor coverage and do not guarantee signal coverage.
Signal strength may be impacted by environmental elements and building materials.
'Last updated' is for reference only and cannot be used as an accurate guide.

  ella33 17:58 02 Jul 2010

My sister uses orange and sometimes experiences the no signal problem. I still have a small one as a spare and keep a couple pounds on it.. it always seems to work when I need it. But when I lived in another area, I remember standing outsid the Orange shop, to make calls where the signal seemed to be best! I don't know if this is still the case.

I have no problem with o2 on my phone but occasionally the signal for usb broadband is low. According to that map, Woolwall all o2 coverage is first class here. That is certainly true of the phone.

  Chegs ®™ 17:12 14 Jul 2010

Around here,Orange is a waste of money unless I'm visiting a mate 11 miles south,O2 is good in my house(but I don't have O2 internet access on my phones)but visit a mate up the hill & no matter which provider,we cannot get internet(even BT is dire in his house)I finally opted for Vodaphone and apart from my mates house up the hill(can't even get text messages unless I stand up),I get excellent coverage no matter where I wander in the area.

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