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Anyone have a rechargeable dash camera.

  bumpkin 14:47 19 Jan 2017

I am looking to get a new dashcam and wonder if there are rechargeable ones so no untidy wires. I don't know if there are such things as all I can find are plug in ones.

  Forum Editor 14:59 19 Jan 2017

Moved to Digital home and Smartphone help from Speakers Corner.

  Burn-it 16:51 19 Jan 2017

I put your search in Google and it returned all the usual places!!

  BT 17:45 19 Jan 2017

Mine plugs in but has a rechargeable battery in it. Doesn't seem to last very long though.

  mole44 04:57 20 Jan 2017

Usual thing with all batteries,only a small space you can only fit a small battery hence they won't last long,that is until some other new technology comes on stream to do away with the wires to your auxiliary socket.

  BT 08:31 20 Jan 2017

Of course if you don't have it plugged in you lose all the automatic options such as it starting as soon as you turn on the ignition and stopping when you turn it off. And you know that the very day you forget to switch it on manually will be the day when you need its evidence.

  Burn-it 14:55 20 Jan 2017

It won't be charged then anyway!!

  bumpkin 17:08 22 Jan 2017

Thanks for all replies, I did not know the post had been moved. It looks like I will have to put up with a cable which is no big deal. I just wondered if there was an alternative and BT made a good point regarding sods law.

  wee eddie 17:55 22 Jan 2017

There are several Dashboard Mount Systems. Check the eBay

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