Any Vista driver for Lumicron LDC-618Z3 camera?

  polymath 16:40 26 Feb 2009

I don't know when it was manufactured, but it has a USB1 interface. I was given it a year or so ago, by someone who doesn't know anything about computers/digital cameras.

Its system requirements say Windows 98SE, ME,2000 or XP. I haven't tried it yet; I have the choice of a 9-year-old 98SE computer that struggles to handle images because of memory/drive space, and a newish Vista computer.
I haven't tried Vista's Compatibility Mode yet for the camera, but perhaps a Vista driver would be simpler if there is one?
Downloads to the Vista computer have to be via the 98SE computer and USB stick (I'm stuck so far with a 12kbps dialup connection that the new system can't connect at).

Lumicron's website (, seems to have only external links (slow to explore at this speed). The Customer Hotline in the booklet is a UK 0870 number, and I'm in Ireland; the (German) email address is for UK customers only, and maybe the company's defunct anyway?

It's my first digital camera; I'd been meaning to buy one for years when I happened to be given it. If I can use it, if it's less than ideal it'll at least make it easier to know what I'd like and narrow down the huge choice!

  polymath 17:16 26 Feb 2009

Doesn't look as if a Vista driver's very likely; just tried & found lots of people asked, with no answers except 'try browsing for it' (and Lumicron out of business according to Tesco).

Oh well, next stop Vista's Compatibility Mode. It didn't help with my nice 9-year-old HP deskjet printer, but then HP's still very much alive and discouraging use of old printers!

  canarieslover 17:24 26 Feb 2009

Have you actually tried plugging into the Vista machine yet? Quite a lot of cameras are seen as another storage drive and work with a generic driver and yoy can just drag 'n drop files from it with Windows Explorer. Looking on Google it appears that it takes SD memory cards anyway so a card reader that plugs into USB port should do the trick if you don't have a card reader already with the computer.

  polymath 21:03 26 Feb 2009

Thanks canairieslover! Yes, the camera does use SD/MMC cards (whatever the difference is; I expect it'll soon become clear, along with other digital camera terms). The Vista computer does have a 15-in-1 card reader.
The cable method sounds (with any luck) simply like using my USB drive which is recognised by both 98SE & Vista.

Maybe it's only the software with the camera that doesn't do Vista. (The CD includes Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 to read the camera user guide, which may be another clue to its age). The software is PhotoImpression & VideoImpression, which sound like the kind of bundled thing I don't need (already having an image editor).

I'll try both methods (tomorrow, hopefully) and report back!

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