Any reported problems with the node that

  SparkyJack 20:58 10 Mar 2011

carries Fiver[now 5*] or 5USA - Quest?
These three are suddenly -unobtainable- where earlier in the week all was OK- then got blocky and now these last couple of days - Nozzing.
This is from Crystal Palace
A reutn- and the EPG did not show them at all indeed the whole list seems to have shrunk by about 20 channels

  Terry Brown 09:29 12 Mar 2011

I asume you are using Freeview, try re-booting your box.
Switch off and then do a full install,as there has been some software updates recently and they may have been moved to a different channel.


  SparkyJack 10:38 12 Mar 2011

The 'Box' is in fact integrated TV and another with the PVR
Whereby the previous response to 5* and 5USA has been 'Not Event information and then 'Channel not found'- when the channel number is selected.
A retune[both boxes] resulted those channels not being detected at all and now longer appear on the new EPG list
At look at the Freewill news site did not real much except to reiterate that the Freeview signal is low power pro tem until next year.
Has the Ariel moved? - may be, its in the loft will take a look see some time.

  canarieslover 12:25 12 Mar 2011

No problems here and I am on Crystal Palace transmitter the same as you.

  SparkyJack 15:07 12 Mar 2011

Ever had one of those days when tasks one has set to do - fail because.....
Cant find the tools- or bits put away for a job - no longer reveal themselves- thats me to day
So I said to my self - stuff the lot- I'll have the rest of the day off-
But before I do lets go in the loft and see if I can muck up TV reception completely- then I can get on and read a book -listen to the radio or something else old fashioned.
So into the loft and there was the aerial- hanging drunkenly not only drooping on its mount but half way between horiz., and vert., polarity.
Gave it a twist and shove- check the co-axe-
Weny down stairs and retuned-
There we are back to 106 channels and all the long lost ones as well as the most recent outages back.
That has bucked me up no end.

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