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Any advice on a digital picture frame?

  John B 18:14 05 Nov 2007

Prices seem to be dropping and I quite like the idea of a wi-fi frame.

I've looked at this one click here

I wondered if anyone had any views about digital frames in general and wi-fi in particular?

I'd welcome any personal recommendations.



  theDarkness 11:57 05 Sep 2008

These frames are very 'back to the future' part 2 (im sure you can see some of a similar style in the film?!)-but then i saw the price! Lol, what a waste of money. regardless of the fact that you can store a fair few small photos onto its 128 memory, for the same price you could buy plenty of camera film and photo frames, or if youre that interested in photography, a fairly decent budget professional camera! No doubt these things will get lower in price fast though, especially if they catch on. I cant see that happening though, as i dont think the average joe really cares that much on family photos, browsing through the lot on the pc with the family sure seems easier than trying to make out whats happening within a digital photo frame if the quality isnt up to scratch. Its a nice idea for a nich product though. I wouldnt like to think how much 'lectric these things would be wasting if everyone had these things in every room of the house. Cant see it, but mayb one day! Lol

  oresome 22:00 05 Sep 2008

A few large screen TVs have memory card slots.

Are these to view photos? Does the TV have software to produce a slide show from the stored images etc?

  oresome 09:43 06 Sep 2008

Thanks for the info.

Could be used as a large photo frame then. I'd like to view some of mine displayed on a large screen. Largest view at present is on a 15" monitor or print at A4.

I'll look for the feature when the present TV passes away.

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