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Any advice on a digital picture frame?

  John B 18:14 05 Nov 2007

Prices seem to be dropping and I quite like the idea of a wi-fi frame.

I've looked at this one click here

I wondered if anyone had any views about digital frames in general and wi-fi in particular?

I'd welcome any personal recommendations.



  John B 20:36 05 Nov 2007

I appreciate your comments; I'm interested in the viewing range aspect. I'm not sure what resolution I should be looking for.

  Stuartli 11:36 06 Nov 2007

You don't need too high a resolution for a 7in digital picture frame, certainly not 800x600.

We have one and find it's very convenient for showing a number of photos in slide show form or videos with sound to visitors - it can also be used to show them on a TV set and comes with the appropriate cables.

Branded Claire, it cost £70 (a present from one of the offspring); the specifications don't list the actual resolution, but it's perfectly adequate for the purpose.

  Stuartli 11:47 06 Nov 2007

Just found a photo and specs of the Claire frame (and a much lower price plus memory card):

click here

  John B 16:45 06 Nov 2007

Thanks for the feedback and the link Stuartli

  Stuartli 23:25 06 Nov 2007

Most of the cheapo digital photo frames suffer from too little resolution rather than too much...:-)

A webcam 640x480 display on my 21in CRT monitor is remarkably good, so it's likely to be more than adequate on a 7in or 10in photo frame.

However, few manuafacturers seem to specify the resolution in specifications.

  John B 16:14 07 Nov 2007

I welcome any thoughts or discussion on this... I think I do need to try before I buy.

I'm particularly interested in the 'viewing range' that you mentioned.



  John B 05:42 17 Nov 2007


  aitch2 19:31 23 Nov 2007

Just bought the one you gave the link to, Kodak easyshare,as a Xmas present for daughter. Gave it a trial run before packing. Very impressed good features so we'all all be happy come the 25th.
Try web 'BTshop', they were £125inc postage and 3 day delivery. Don't think you will be disappointed but might be cheaper in the Jan sales.

  John B 15:46 24 Nov 2007


  laurie53 10:40 02 Sep 2008

Similar thread in Consumerwatch.

Most owners don't seem to use them much.

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