Any Advice on buying a Router?

  morddwyd 10:42 13 Aug 2015

I've recently been upgraded from a BT Homehub 2 to a HH 4, and I now find that my WiFi bridges for my Skybox and streamer don't work, which is not unknown I understand.

I was going to buy some compatible bridges, but it occurs to me that a new router is probably the cheaper answer. I have always used the (free!) router from my provider in the past so any tips, or pitfalls to avoid, on what to look for?

  john bunyan 11:17 13 Aug 2015

I have tried several brands. The latest and best is a Netgear DGND4000 (over a year old so may be superseded), but I recommend the brand. Linksys OK but did not last long. Belkin not very good.

Router list

  davidkochi 06:35 14 Aug 2015

You can have a try with TPlink router. They are cheap, but lasts for long. I am using one for last six months and it is working perfectly.

Do you have children using internet? In that case you can use this one.

Thanks, David

  morddwyd 11:32 14 Aug 2015

Thanks both.

At the moment I have bethought me of the most logical and cheapest option - I've re-connected my HomeHob2. There was nothing wrong with it (maybe the security is older) they simply upgraded me when I renewed my contract.

Everything seems back to as it was!

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