Anti virus, email, adblocker, player help, please

  sickdemonsoul 16:01 16 Mar 2016

Thank you in advance, sorry for the horrible grammar. Questions? 1— I have a ALCATEL onetouch phone and the anti virus that came with this phone, subscription will soon end. What is good anti virus to download from the app store? ( I was thinking either CM antivirus or Notorion.) I just want something that will work and not mess up or delete anything on this phone.

2—What is a good media player to get?

3— What is a good app to get to connecf to a signal quick? I either have to go outside, sit in a chair, sit up in my bed to connect. There are only two signals in our house. I just want something where if I lay down ot move the signal won't drop or vanish.

4— I haven't had a computer in five years and when I try using my gmail or hotmail from the computer it says wrong password. I am horrible at remembering passwords. And always use the same password for all my emails. I know its a bad thing bug it's thd only way for me to remember. Does anyone know why this happended ot can help me with this?

  sickdemonsoul 16:07 16 Mar 2016

Sorry for the second post, no clue as to how to edit. 6— What is a good adblocker to get from the app store?

  sickdemonsoul 16:50 16 Mar 2016

Sorry for posting again. Question7— What is a good flash brower or flash substitue to download from the app store?

  theDarkness 18:38 16 Mar 2016

Here is a list of antimalware apps from recent tests, in order or which is best. If you install unwanted software, it is likely too late already, regardless as to whether any software detects or deletes it. I usually install Bitdefender and a simple ad detector such as Airpush Detector. Instead you may also want to try an adblocker such as one here, and make sure you back up all of your personal details. In the event of a stolen phone, you can log in to your google account and erase or lock your linked android phone. There are mobile phone tracker apps on Google Play that can accurately locate your phone too if your phone connects to the net and GPS is switched on.

Many apps state they do not require permissions in their description, yet still request user info such as phone contacts. You can block these permissions via tools such as xprivacy (available on Google Play-compatibility will depend on what android version you are running). Be aware that incorrect installation of such software can brick your phone, and banning certain permissions (even ads) can cause applications to cease functioning,although you can change the permissions to get them working again.

Try VLC or MX-Player for playing video. Results may vary depending on phone and media. If you have a relatively new phone and want an all in one video,music and internet tv app, try Kodi (Xbox media center). The Dolphin browser has flash support.

  theDarkness 18:46 16 Mar 2016

ps Adblock now has an android browser, although I haven't tested it.

There is a separate app only for Samsung models of phone.

  sickdemonsoul 21:15 16 Mar 2016

Thanks.Yeah it probably is to late considering I went to alot of porn sites and downloading alot of apps. What about the email and wifi question? Also whats a good app for making or putting a password folder?

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