Another Coaster?

  Diemmess 12:54 01 May 2010

A first attempt to tranfer VHS to DVD using a Panasonic Digital freeserve, HD, DVD SD etc.

Family 8mm cine trnsferred to VHS some years ago and I have successfully transferred these tapes to the Panasonic HD unit

The final stage, to burn a DVD. The manual calls it dubbing.

The result will play back on the TV conglomeration but my computer claims it is a blank disk.

The disk needs finishing and the menu appeared on the TV screen for a few seconds while the process worked automatically - I thought.
Plainly it didn't complete the magic finish process and I was too slow to press the right buttons at the right time.

Can I make the Panasonic doo-dah finish the disk now, or have I just spent a long time making another coaster?

  BT 16:33 01 May 2010

You can probably put it back in and finalise it. My Sony machine will let you do this, but I usually set it to do it automatically when it finishes copying.
If not, you will probably have to dub it again but make sure you set it to finalise it when it finishes.

  Diemmess 18:29 01 May 2010

After your comment I tried harder to find the magic words in the Panasonic manual

On page 56 under Disk Management were the magic words.....
It seems to the writer a logical thing when seting up for transferring HD > DVD to require the details when the recorder is in the HDD mode.

The option to Finalise the DVD can only be found when the recorder is in DVD mode. The procedure is not mentioned during the set-up for Dubbing which can only be done in HDD mode!

Simple once I knew!

... You learn something new every day!

  BT 08:09 02 May 2010

Those manuals are so obscure at times. My Sony one is much the same, takes you ages to find stuff in it unless you know the correct terminology.

On the other extreme, I just bought a new car (well almost new,just 8 months old). The manual is about an inch thick with instructions for all the different models, so you have to try to sort out the bits for yours, but it also came with an 8 page 'Quick Start' manual, which tells you where the key goes and stuff like that. That's over simplifying things!

  David4637 20:11 06 Jul 2010

Always try a new option with DVD RW, that way if it does not work - no coaster.
If does work copy to a DVD R.

  john bunyan 21:43 06 Jul 2010

I have not tried it, but read somewhere that if your PC has a DVD RAM capability (as does the Panasonic) , this medium is easier to use for such things.Maybe someone has tried it. (Also, I think, easier to edit)

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