Annoying sound coming from phone

  ponytail 09:44 04 Apr 2018

Just lately my phone has just started to send out sounds which are hard to describe.It happens constantly.Yesterday I took it to Tesco's as it was bought from them and I am with Tesco Mobile.The girl said she knew what the problem was before I turned the phone on.When it was turned on she just turned the WiFi off.She said this was a common problem but why should I have to turn the WiFi off might as well not have a smart phone.Will go back to Tesco's again later.The phone is a Samsung J3 2016.Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem.

  wee eddie 10:17 04 Apr 2018

I am just guessing but your phone is trying to tell you that you need to "Log into" the local WiFi.

Your WiFi Bandwidth is yours, my WiFi Bandwidth in mine. If I wish to let you use some of my bandwidth, you will need to ask for the password and enter it. Many people will charge you for using their Bandwidth.

Some will allow to do so for free!

Using other peoples WiFi Bandwidth is very risky. It is not as secure as yours is and you are at risk of having a third party reading the contents of you phone. You would be well advised never to even consider using other peoples WiFi while doing your banking or any other financial transaction

  ponytail 13:24 04 Apr 2018

Thanks Eddie this has only started several weeks ago but is now very annoying as it keeps going off.I go into WiFi on the phone and my provider is connected which is Plus Net,There is another provider called Asus 2.4gh listed and it also has the WiFi logo in blue the same as the Plus net one does that mean I am also connected to that one.There are 3 other providers listed but their icons are not coloured blue

  lotvic 22:42 04 Apr 2018

I think: disable Network notification. This will stop those annoying sounds and vibrations every time a free WiFi network is in range.

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