Android update to 4.3 for samsung s3

  the old man 17:00 13 Nov 2013

Is there anyone having problems with the S3 slowing right down when using the phone over a wireless connection. My phone has gone hideously slow and there are error messages continuously saying Google play store is closed. When I click ok the phone will carry out the command. When I try and do something else there is a long delay again and then the error message comes up again.

  sunnystaines 17:39 13 Nov 2013

i am still stuck on android 4.1.2 with "three" on my S3, when i check update says i have latest installed, how did you get 4.3 i havnt even got 4.2 yet.

  the old man 21:38 13 Nov 2013

On tmobile. Update takes android from 4.1 to 4.3

  the old man 09:26 14 Nov 2013

Had another error message, "Unfortunately the process ps has stopped" Should I be sending these to Samsung?

  AroundAgain 22:28 14 Nov 2013

It might be worth waiting a little while before updating as it seems there are quite a number of problems occurring after this update.

I updated and find the phone is slow to 'wake up', then goes off again really quickly, so I have to be quick to 'unlock' it once I get the opportunity. Also, I'm thinking the battery is going down much faster than before the update, even though I've used it only a little. Time will tell.

These Android forums are very active, and this is the S3 one which I find useful to keep an eye on.


  compumac 17:43 15 Nov 2013

I had a problem with this update on my S4 and I phoned Samsung on 0030 726 7864 and spoke with a (UK speaking)person who knew what they were talking about. My problem would appear to be a very unusual one and Samsung used their "Smart Tutor" which is something akin to "Teamviewer" when they were able to control my S4 and corrected some portion of the trouble.

  sunnystaines 11:13 19 Nov 2013

samsung have pulled the s3 update due to many problems

click here

  sunnystaines 08:43 08 Dec 2013

latest update, update problem apparently fixed

click here

  AroundAgain 11:22 08 Dec 2013

Thanks sunnystaines. I'd read that the 'fix' has started to be put out too. I gather the 'fix' has been released and then 4.3 will be released proper after that.

Have you, or anyone here, got good things to report re this 'fix', before I download it as/when it's available? I'm a bit wary of downloading even more problems. At least I can use my phone just now, albeit with some issues.


  sunnystaines 08:17 09 Dec 2013

still waiting with three network

  AroundAgain 12:31 09 Dec 2013

Hi Just got the 'fix' update so I hope it's fixed the issues. Time will tell. It's only just completed this, so I haven't yet seen how it is.

The main problem I had was the long time-lag when waking up the phone. Sometimes it was so long that, no soon it woke up, it switched off again before I could swipe!

Yesterday and the day before, I had very unusual battery drain, to the point of having the 30% warning. I've never experienced that before. Why that happened over the past two days, I don't know. Certainly not due to excessive use!

So, hopefully, the phone is fixed now. I'm on EE, by the way. I checked in About Device, pressed 'Software Update' to initiate the update. Hope everyone else's get fixed very soon now.


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