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Android tablet keeps getting pop ups from HSgames

  lissy2 17:45 24 Nov 2019

I have recently bought an Alba (Argos) android tablet. All fine first couple weeks of use. Now however I keep getting pop up ads from HSgames - a different game advertised each time. These pop ups happen when I'm in the middle of something, and usually start once the tablet has been on half hour then they can pop up every couple minutes. The only apps I have installed on this tablet are Facebook, Messenger, Candy crush, my email, and CCleaner. I have tried turning off notifications from google play store, have tried "hibernating" google play store and turned off "open supported links" in google play. No difference. I cannot click anywhere on the ad to turn it off or get more information. Any ideas how I can source and delete this ? When it pops up, I have to go back to the home page then reload the app I was in when it popped up. Annoying and frustrating. I also have an android phone and never had any such problems with that. Any help much appreciated, not sure what to try next, or even if google play is the originator.

  Dalu 02:52 21 Jan 2020

This probably a boltware on your OS. Switch to a custom launcher.

  wee eddie 09:50 27 Feb 2020

There is a thought at the back of my mind that won't go away.

A while ago Argos would sell an Advert Free Tablet for an extra £10.

Or to put it another way

You could get a £10 Discount if you were prepared to accept adverts.

I've googled this and can't find it so, don't rely on this

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