Android Phone reboots when locked

  Peter21 10:09 06 Mar 2019

Hi everyone,

My android phone was dropped in water recently. I left it to dry, and after some time it powered back on. It seems to work fine, and was stable enough to actually extract all data from it, install apps, take photos...etc... but once I lock it, or otherwise spend enough time away from it (without touching it) and it locks itself, it ends up rebooting. (Goes through the whole "powered by android screen" and ends back at the unlock screen after a while)

What doesn't make sense is that it works completely fine as long as it doesn't lock.

If someone could help by giving some suggestions on what the problem is, and if possible how to fix it, that would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!

  imranabdul 12:50 06 Mar 2019

I think there is some issue with your motherboard which is the reason why your mobile is rebooting

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