android firmware strikes again !!!

  KEITH 1955 12:29 02 Dec 2018

ok so a simple question , android has done another firmware update and screwed up all sorts of things. The one thing I do need to alter is the apps pages background colour , it used to be blue and it is now black making some of the icons hard to see in certain light. I cant find how to change it back to blue. The only background change I can find is the main one for the clock and weather screen etc.

  difarn 15:15 03 Dec 2018

If you go to Settings - Accessibility do you have the option under, possibly, negative colours to reverse the colours on the screen so the black would be changed to white?

  KEITH 1955 15:53 03 Dec 2018

sorted thanks !

  Forum Editor 16:23 03 Dec 2018

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