Android Apps - is it safe?

  AllThumbs 21:16 11 Jun 2011

Hi folks, I recently bought one of the eee transformer tablets and it is very nice, however I now find myself leary of the android app market place due to an article I read recently where a bunch of apps were pulled because some....bad people... had downloaded the original apps, added in malware and then uploaded them again, sometimes as free versions of the original app. This would then, when installed, harvest data, passwords etc and pass it back through the net.

The problem is in part that these devices come sans firewall and with limited security (yes I know you get a view of what permissions are required, but there's a "may contain nuts" approach in the labelling and even the most mild app seems to want a heck of lot of permissions).

In addition Google lost a large chunk of personal data recently which makes me mistrust it's marketplace account feature.

Am I being paranoid or is there a simple solution to this that peeps in the know can point me at?

  Woolwell 23:03 11 Jun 2011

The problem is probably overrated but you should add an anti-virus app Android anti-virus. I wouldn't consider doing on-line banking with a tablet.

  AllThumbs 00:15 12 Jun 2011

Cheers, yeah I did already stick AVG free on (hoping that it wasn't one of those with extra malware), and I agree that banking etc would be a bad idea.

However to buy apps you need to have a google account, to do that you need to have a link between your credit card (presumably) and your google account, which basically sticks your credit card details on an unsecured net device. My point being that using an android tablet seems to sidestep any firewall and/or security you have in place on the pc. If I could buy the app on the pc and download either via the pc or direct to the device it'd be one thing. This thing is like turning off your security and then shopping online.

  Woolwell 13:51 12 Jun 2011

I bought my phone app on the PC and then it was sent to the mobile. How this would work with a tablet though I'm not sure. I think that you can download an app to the pc and then you should be able to transfer it across.

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