Analogue Footage - DVD Recorder to PC?

  billy_sw 12:34 20 May 2006

I have some analogue video footage on camcorder and VHS that I would like to transfer to digital format. As an alternative to installing a capture card is it possible to record the analogue footage onto a DVD recorder and from there transfer files to my PC for editing?

If so, is there anything I need to be aware of when purchasing a DVD recorder to ensure that file formats etc are compatible. Advice welcomed.

  ghm101 13:54 20 May 2006

I've been looking in to this a bit myself lately and it is like there are too many options and ways of doing this, internal or usb capture cards and devices, these devices offering a variety of features and options and quality.

I ended up going for an internal capture card wintv hvr 1100 from hauppage.

My main purpose was to transfer about 20 hours fo analog video, I could have got a usb widgit just to do that but what do you do with the thing after you are done? So I opted to add PVR functionality to my PC so I can record TV and stuff, with this particular card freeview also.

The DVD recorder option is aparently a good one, and if you only have a few hours to transfer the best option is to find a friend who has one and borrow it.

You end up with a DVD that you can then rip to your pc, edit then rerecord.

I read somewhere, I think on click here, that the technology for transfering analog to DVD in these recorders is as good as just about anything on offer without spending serious money on some sort of highend capture device.

Checkout videohelp lots of reviews, advice and methods there

  pitbull66 20:24 28 May 2006

Hi, just read your question and would like to say that i have done it with several hours of footage including my eldest daughters first birthday(she is fifteen this year!).I first connected my Canon video camera to my Sanyo dvd recorder via the phono sockets on recorder. Press play on camera then tune recorder to the video camera.Once I had recorded the footage I transferred the footage from the disc onto my pc and used nero 7 to edit and burn.I repeated this using a dvd rewritable disc until I had transferred all my analogue footage and all with one disc.
Hope this helps.

  Dinks 10:33 28 Aug 2006

Thanks for the info so far, anyone thats tried this method can you tell me if theres much quality lossed doing it this way.
also this may seem a dumb question but if you use a dvd rw dont you have to finalise it before it can be used in another player, then how can you reuse the same disc like pitbull66.
Cheers Dinks.

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