amstrad sky digibox problem

  sanjika 13:39 19 Apr 2010

I have a 102M dish with twin lnb´s feeding 2 different sky boxes. Whichever lnb I use the Amstrad box gives poor reception on ITV1 picture breaks up as though it was raining outside. The other box gives perfect reception on both LNB´s. Any one any ideas why and if it can be rectified ???

  morddwyd 15:41 19 Apr 2010

Use a smaller dish.

A 102 metre dish is producing a seriously strong signal!

  anchor 16:11 20 Apr 2010

Do you really mean a 102M dish?; that`s about 110 yards in diameter. Perhaps you mean 1.02M.

Sounds as though the Amstrad box has had it, and probably beyond economic repair.

  DieSse 20:21 24 Apr 2010

Swap the cables over at the dish end. If the problem transfers to the other box, then the LNB (or possibly the cable) is faulty.

If the problem doesn't transfer, then either the Amstrad box is faulty, or just doesn't have as good a tuner as the other one.

I'm assuming you don't live in the UK with a 1m dish, and so the signal strength is much lower the further away you are.

To improve reception with weak signals

Make sure the dish is properly aligned
Make sure you're using a top quality LNB
Make sure you're using top quality cable
Make sure there's no corrosion at the cable ends and no joins or very sharp bends in the cable.

  anchor 13:21 25 Apr 2010

DieSse: it seems that the second digibox works fine on both LNB connections.

This certainly suggests that it is not a problem with the dish, the LNB`s, or the cabling.

I still feel the Amstrad box is the problem. Perhaps it is less sensitive to the lower signal that is found in parts of Europe. I know the Costa Blanca is noted for a low sky signal.

  dms_05 14:28 25 Apr 2010

Signal Quality is far more important than Signal Strength.

Not all Sky digiboxes have the same sensitivity and some are much better for marginal signals if you are outside the main footprint of the satellite(s).

If you are within the main footprint of Astra 2D (which carries ITV as well as BBC) then your dish is much bigger than you need by a factor of 5x the dish surface area. If you are not in the main footprint then you might simply have a dish that is too small for your location.

  DieSse 16:21 25 Apr 2010

"Perhaps it is less sensitive to the lower signal that is found in parts of Europe. I know the Costa Blanca is noted for a low sky signal."

Yup - that's going to be the issue. On the Costa Blanca the general rule of thumb is that a 2m (+ or - a tad depending on the dish quality) is required.

Luckily, although I'm much further south, we're also a bit west too - so a 1.3m dish works fine even with an old (very old) Pace box. My son has a new HD box which is notably better on some of the channels I can't get, and doesn't lose signal so quickly when it rains (which fortunately isn't often!).

  DieSse 16:23 25 Apr 2010

You could try changing the LNB skew (the angle it sits at) a little - it's slightly different for different transponders.

Also you could tune in some of the different ITV regional stations - they're not all the same strength - and see if there's a better one.

Lyngesat tells you the settings to use. click here

  DieSse 16:25 25 Apr 2010

Sorry - click here

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