alternative for sky+ (any ideas)

  ob1.kenobi 22:42 15 May 2007

lookin for an alternative to sky plus, cost is getting more and more all the time. is there an alternative to this ie like a pc format???

please help and let me know if you have had any luck with your own inventions.


  Kate B 01:13 16 May 2007

click here Excellent Freeview twin tuner/hdd recorder. I've got this and wouldn't consider Sky.

  al7478 01:34 16 May 2007

Sorry for waffling but i thought id just contribute to the thread in the interests of keeping it alive. I'm quite interested in sky+, but resent the £10/month subscription after buying the hardware.

Hopefully they'll find some way to rectify that at some stage, as i think its a great idea, with few serious competitors at the moment. And Freeview in my are is patchy at best. I currently have a very low spec sky subscription (£15pcm), but will be switching t freesat when my year's contract is up.

I paid because freesat doesnt offer 2 channels that i wanted at the time, but ive experienced those channels for 10 months now, and they offer vewry little that i want to see regularly.

  hastelloy 07:31 16 May 2007

I went for click here and am delighted. Will record 2 digital channels whilst you watch a 3rd.

  Kate B 11:04 16 May 2007

That Topfield is very similar to the Humax in terms of functionality, but more expensive.

  al7478 11:12 16 May 2007

does that only work with freeview, or would it work with sky too?

  Sebastian Ereira 12:54 16 May 2007

some people could not get digital

  hastelloy 19:31 16 May 2007

I agree, but my research found better reviews for the Toppy and it has the advantage that you can customise it by downloading and installing TAPs - written by other Toppy users. It will also allow watching a programme that's still recording and you can record 2 whilst watching a 3rd (providing they're on the same mux). Also the model I have has a 250G HDD (may or may not be important). For more information see click here

  Kate B 20:48 16 May 2007

al7478 - it will only work with Freeview.

marvin42, it does look like a nice box. I'd go for it if I were buying one now. Oh, and you can record two and watch a third (subject to the same thing) on the Humax, though.

  Al94 22:17 16 May 2007

Cost is reducing from July 07. Sky are abolishing the additional £10 per month charge for Sky +

  al7478 01:25 17 May 2007

Do you know of a relevant link? Are they changing anything else about it,as that almost sounds too good to be true...?

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