AllShare Cast Dongle s/ware update on S4 phones

  Avodat 14:32 03 Nov 2014

Just recently, this app downloaded itself disguised as a software update; you have no choice - it downloads and it stays. If you delete it, you have to accept only that you have the factory software version, which then auto-upgrades with a few days to the full app all over again. You cannot get rid of it, it seems.

When you look at the list of permissions you are forced to accept giving it, or rather, it steals from you, your jaw will drop!! The list goes on and on and on and ALL your privacy is invaded!! Go read it!

Anyone know why we cannot get rid of this, or at least limit the permissions we are forced to grant it, whether we want to, or not! I'm sure it must be illegal to force people to give up their privacy in this way, with no say whatsoever to protect ourselves.

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