Album covers on ipod

  davecooper 23:25 30 Dec 2009

My dear lady wife bought me an ipod nano for chrimbo, bless her. I have imported some of the music on my PC (most originally ripped from CD using Windows Media Player)into the itunes application and then loaded some of this onto the ipod. My question is, the album cover information is on my PC but this doesn't seem to carry across to the itunes application, is this correct? Do I need to get this cover info from itunes if I want the album covers to display on the ipod?

  oldbeefer2 09:33 31 Dec 2009

Before going any deeper, on Advanced, click 'get artwork' then resynch.

  oldbeefer2 10:50 31 Dec 2009

Not sure - I've around 60 albums on mine and only around 45 have found artwork - some of those that have been found are wrong as well. Who said Apple are perfect!

  davecooper 10:51 31 Dec 2009

Thanks for that oldbeefer2. I didn't realise I had to register with itunes before I could do this. Anyway the only problem now appears to be that not all the album artwork has been found and these are for popular albums such as Amy Winehouse, Back to Black etc. It seems that the albums that can't be found are suffixed "deluxe version" or "bonus tracks" etc. Is this the problem?

  davecooper 12:47 31 Dec 2009

Hold the last thought, it obviously isn't the extra bits in the title as I have just tried Paulo Nutini's Sunny Side Up album which is a popular current chart album. You would think there would be no artwork problem with such an album. Not so, itunes can't even find this!

  mole44 06:55 02 Jan 2010

sometimes the album my not be in itunes,if so do as i do use images of the album in google and copy and paste the picture in itunes.

Right click get info/click on artwork tab/then paste picture.

If you do control A on an album you can do the album all at once.

  davecooper 12:20 02 Jan 2010

Mole. Sorted, didn't know how to paste in artwork. Do now. Thanks.

  mole44 05:54 03 Jan 2010

thats why this forum is so good,we all help each other.If only life imitaded this forum we`d be in paradise.

  oldbeefer2 19:45 03 Jan 2010

I didn't know that!

  Esc4p3 14:04 07 Jan 2010

The other thing I have tried, where I know that the album art exists in windows media player, is right click on the track in iTunes and select 'get info'. That sometimes find the album art for me.

  davecooper 10:43 20 Mar 2010

Thanks for the help.

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