Alba freeview - plugs keep giving up!

  theDarkness 18:12 16 Oct 2008

I had bought an alba freeview box a while back. After a short period, the system switched off on its own. It turned out the power adapter had given up. I bought another box to replace it, as supposedly only an official adapter would work, and there were no adapters available on their own for replacement at the store.. I phoned up alba and they wanted £30 for a replacement adapter for a £10 box, so that was out of the question. The second alba box i got to replace the first has done it again today though, another power plug giving up for good once again! My own fault replacing the first bad digibox with the same model, but i think argos refused to replace my box with a different model- so it seems it could well be a bad batch, or very cheaply made. Im pretty sure its not my setup causing the plugs to die on me as tv and dvd have never had problems connected to the same multi adapter. The 2 digibox models i tried which i now have with their pointless plugs are an Alba model STB1XI.
Has anyone had similar problems with freeview or alba boxes of a similar type? thanks for any info

  katkins 22:53 16 Oct 2008

I had a problem with my Toshiba set-top box at the beginning when I changed over in August last year, but discovered that the scart socket at the back of my TV was loose causing the connection to the box to cut out each time after I'd just about got it going.

Shortly after, I bought a Sony DVD Freeview recorder/player and the same thing was happening to that which was how I found out what the fault was. I had it repaired.

I transferred the set-top box to the upstairs TV.

  theDarkness 01:38 17 Oct 2008

Good to hear it all worked out in the end! :) since most freeview non recordable boxes are pretty cheap, i cant really use my two redundant freeviews as an excuse to buy a nice new widescreen with it already built in, but its tempting :) the two boxes i still have most likely still work, just being a plug giving up issue, as after i bought the second box i tried its new plug on the old system, and it worked fine since it was the exact same model. Im not sure if i can find cheap- non official, more reliable replacement plugs of the exact same current/power etc when alba say never to use any other for safety reasons- so i guess a reliable replacement may be impossible to find.. unless i can get the plug custom made. Im not buying another box as it will probably happen a third time, pointless when all models have the same psu problem! Haha. Thanks for the reply

  theDarkness 17:25 17 Oct 2008

I bought a freeview matsui model MSTB926 today, and strangely has the exact same design of remote control and on screen menu to my alba one! Worst of all, when connected to my multi scart adapter, the sound crackles annoyingly, so i most likely will be taking this new one back as well-aaargh! It works fine without the multi scart adapter, but i need it connected to that for my dvd player. Taking the digibox scart out of the tv every time i want to watch a dvd will just ruin the scart lead. Any ideas how i could fix the bad signal? The old digibox that gave up had no problems running through the multi scart adapter... :( i fear boosting the signal will only worsen the digibox sound.. :(

  Stuartli 19:36 17 Oct 2008

Not strange, just that so many examples of electrical and computer related items these days are re-badged or retail outlet branded models from other manufacturers.

For instance my 10-month-old microwave oven can be bought badged as a De Longhi, Cookworks or Tesco model - all three charge different prices.

Matsui is, IIRC, a Currys own brand name used on many of its re-badged models from OEM or specialist manufacturers.

  theDarkness 21:08 17 Oct 2008

hopefully the plug would last longer than the alba one did, but i am thinking of taking it back since the sound when connected through the multi scart is awful. I was going to see if i could get a scart to rf lead instead for it to get rid of the sound problem, since then only my dvd will then be using scart, they tend to be more expensive at £20+ than the freeview box..

  theDarkness 01:03 18 Oct 2008

update-sound is distorted on freeview when any other scart is added to the multi adapter along with it. The freeview on its own connected to the multi adapter is fine until any other lead is added, and the device which is added doesnt even have to be on to distort the freeview sound.. very odd! i tried changing the leads and even swapping the multi adapter with another but the problem with is still there

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